Titanfall ®2 Open Multiplayer Tech Test

Titanfall® 2 Open Multiplayer Tech Test. From Respawn Entertainment, the studio that brought you the award-winning Titanfall, comes Titanfall® 2. The Titanfall ®2 Open Multiplayer Tech Test offers new Titans, Pilots, and Maps that elevate the fast-paced and exciting gameplay fans expect from the series. Please note that the game is still undergoing testing before its official release and the current Multiplayer Tech Test does not reflect the quality of the final product. (more…)

[Beta] The Elder Scrolls: Legends

The Elder Scrolls: Legends is a collectible card game which revolves around turn-based matches between two opponents. The cards are based on creatures, characters and lore found in The Elder Scrolls series. At the start of every battle, each player starts off with three cards and one magicka, which is used to deploy cards. When deploying these cards, the player can place them on one of two sides, called lanes. Lanes can have special abilities which alter the fields of battle. A card in one lane can either attack another card in that lane, or attack their opponent directly. If either of the two players take enough damage, one of their runes will shatter. When this occurs, the same player will immediately draw a card. The game consists of five game modes, which are a story mode, solo arena, versus arena, versus battle, and a practice mode. (more…)

[Beta] Red Bull Air Race: The Game


Want to play the beta of Red Bull Air Race: The Game right now? Scroll to the bottom for details on how to sign up.

Red Bull Air Race: The Game turned heads last summer when it was announced at Gamescom in Germany: Not only is the ultimate motorsport in the sky coming to PC, but Slightly Mad Studios, the team behind Project CARS – one of last year’s biggest driving game hits – was at the helm. (more…)

Free Steam Key: Voidrunner (Alpha/Beta)

This is the Void… Forever and never, alive and dead…

Voidrunner is an intense multiplayer flight game which introduces FPS (First Person Shooter) controls to flight genre in exotic, epic landscapes.

Voidrunner, developed by RealityArts and made in stunning Unreal Engine 4, Targeted for PC,MAC, Linux and next generation consoles, expected to be released in Steam Early Access on Q2 2016.

The visual design is one of a kind for a flying game as the whole design is being created like an RPG with incredible attention to detail for the psychedelic design of the Void. (more…)

(Steam Beta) Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is an upcoming multiplayer (4vs1) horror game where one player takes on the role of the savage Killer, and the other four players play as Survivors, trying to escape the Killer and avoid being caught, tortured and killed.

Survivors play in third-person and have the advantage of better situational awareness. The Killer plays in first-person and is more focused on their prey.

The Survivors’ goal in each encounter is to escape the Killing Ground without getting caught by the Killer – something that sounds easier than it is, especially when the environment changes every time you play. (more…)

Free Steam Key: Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is both an asymmetrical and survival horror multiplayer game in which one crazed, unstoppable killer hunts four survivors through a terrifying nightmarish world in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

As a survivor, you can look after number one or cooperate with the others against an unknown threat. Use equipment at hand, unlocked abilities and environmental objects to outwit the monster and escape from his killing ground.

Sent into a procedurally generated world, you’ll never know what to expect, what you’re facing and how to get away. You will have to make stressful choices under desperate circumstances. Every decision impacts your chances of survival. (more…)

Riders of Icarus Closed Beta

Take the battle to the sky with fantastical flying mount combat unlike anything you’ve seen before in Riders of Icarus, the new unprecedented action-adventure MMORPG experience that lets you ride and fight on the back of the realm’s most dangerous winged beasts… dragons. As a Rider with legendary combat abilities, you will explore a majestic world to tame, collect and train hundreds of different wild beasts as your very own mounts each with unique special abilities. Master the skills of aerial combat with other battle-ready heroes as you fight your way through an epic experience filled with massive boss battles by both land and air. (more…)

[DLC] Fantasy Tales Online

Fantasy Tales Online is a free-to-play indie MMORPG with dungeons, player housing, and a massive online world. The game just entered Early Access on Steam, and we’re giving away 1,000 game codes to give you and your friends awesome in-game items and perks! Each code include:

  • 15 Day Premium Subscription (+Exp %, +Magic Find%, + HP%, Extra Space, Faster Crafting Time)
  • 100 Gems for In-Game Cash Shop
  • 3 Crate Keys (Used to Unlock Rare Treasures)
  • 3 Respec Tokens (Allows players to change their skill point distribution)
  • Exclusive Gamepedia Flag Decoration and Curse Costume


Free Steam Key: Neon Chrome

Neon Chrome is a ruthless top-down cyberpunk shooter with rogue-like elements. The game takes place inside an arcology – a massive sci-fi mega structure.

Blast your way through walls with guns and cybernetic abilities and try alternate approaches with different roles like the Assassin or the Cyber Psycho. Upgrade your character stats, discover new cybernetic enhancements and build up strength to finally face the Overseer. Every death is a new beginning – the path to defeating the Overseer is never the same. (more…)