[DLC] Battlefield™ Hardline Robbery

New Squad Heist mode. Get your heart rate up and risk it all in a new 5-versus-5 mode inspired by Battlefield 3’s Squad Rush. Make your way through the map’s three stages and compete for control of 25 deploy tickets issued to the criminals at each stage. If the tickets are all lost, the cops win.

Four expansive maps. Expand your collection of loot and off—or prevent—the perfect heist in four new maps: The Docks, Break Pointe, Precinct 7, and the Museum, where micro-destruction reigns supreme. There are multiple ways to play and get away. Just be careful around the dinosaurs, okay?

Become a Legend. The new Legendary Super feature lets other players know you’re one of the truly elite. Become Legendary and work your way through 15 levels to boost your cash-earnings and flaunt your Legendary status on your Killcard and scoreboards.**

**Battlefield Hardline Super Features are available both with Battlefield Hardline Premium, and as part of the individual Expansion Packs they’re released with.


Bonus: [DLC] Battlefield 4™ Dragon’s Teeth

Bonus: [DLC] Battlefield 4™ Final Stand

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