Free Steam Game: Voxelized


In Voxelized, you gain a control of a character in a cubic world. At first you are alone, but that is about to change.

  • Build a House.
  • Build a Town.
  • Build a City.
    Voxelized is heavily based on building, but as the players keeps suggesting their ideas and features, it will be changed in to something else.
    The building feature is primary, but Voxelized will be alot more than just a building game.

    Current Features

    • Voxelized is Unfinished, yes it is a feature. When the development started, it was obvious from the beginning that this game will be made by/with the Steam Community.
    • Day&Night Cycle
    • Building System

    Planned Features

  • Enemies
  • NPCs
  • Pets
  • Survival
  • Other game Modes&Scenes
  • Almost anything YOU want. I will add most of the requested features in game.

    What there MIGHT be

  • Local Co-Op
  • Multiplayer with Dedicated Servers


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