(Free Steam Key) Grave Prosperity: Redux- part 1

Grave Prosperity: Redux follows Amber Ridge as she finds herself broken down on a mountain road. Without any reception and no signs of passers-by, she is forced to walk to the nearest town- Prosperity. A place that knows no God and exists only to make you suffer. Utilize a deadly arsenal of agility, blade-work and gun-play to fend off the darkness that stalks your every movement. Collect EXP through solving puzzles and slaying grotesque creatures in order to upgrade your stats to better suit you survival needs.

** This game is currently undergoing a massive update. The update will be in the form of a patch that will completely change all game mechanics and visuals. Until the update, the game as it currently is will still be playable. Keep up to date on the patch on the Community Hub and enjoy!**

How to: Just send me an email at graveprosperity@gmail.com and a developer will respond with a key for you.

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