Free Steam Key: Temper Tantrum

It’s time for bed and little Johnny disagrees. Take control of Johnny during his temper tantrum and bring destruction into every household he encounters on his rampage. Perform fast paced twists and turns as you break everything in sight, but be sure to avoid Mr. NightNight, Mr. Sleepytime, and Mr. Boogerman or you’ll be forced to take a nap! Eat candy you find as you crack open furniture to start a sugar rush. While on your sugar rush, show Mr. NightNight it’s his turn for a nap! Now With Steam Trading Cards!

Notice: This is a simple action game similar to old school game play you would find in games like pac-man, centipede, and others. This is not an in-depth game with tons of endgame content. It’s a beat your own high score game that is priced below what you would plunk into a coin arcade game. We appreciate your feedback and hope this explanation of what to expect when purchasing will reflect in your evaluation of the game.


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