Free WinToFlash Professional Edition

The easiest way to create a bootable USB drive is by using dedicated software, like Novicorp’s WinToFlash. You can also get the same job done using a command prompt, but this is more appealing to power users and control freaks (guilty as charged). The version of WinToFlash that you really want is not free, but luckily for you, BetaNews readers, we have a Professional Edition license to share.

Here is what you need to do, according to Novicorp:

1. Download latest WinToFlash version from our website, and unzip (if you didn’t download it already);
2. Save the key file somewhere on your PC;
3. Start wintoflash.exe;
4. Select your key file in the First Start Wizard.

If you want to install the key manually:
1. Delete the public free key from the \License\ folder of WinToFlash, if one exists;
2. Copy this one to the \License\ folder;
3. Start (restart) WinToFlash.

This WinToFlash Professional Edition license is good for an unlimited number of installations and activations. The software works with every Windows release since XP, including Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

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