John Romero’s Last Level For *Doom* – Free

As John Romero writes,”It’s been 21 years since I made a DOOM level. Here’s my version of E1M8 using DOOM1.WAD. ”

How to get Tech Gone Bad working:

First you need a copy of Doom – and you need to know where it’s located on your PC. I’m using Ultimate Doom, which is available on Steam. Right-click the game within the Steam window and select “properties”, then “local files”, then “browse local files”.

Now grab Romero’s new level and ZDoom.

Drag-and-drop the contents of both zip files into the Ultimate Doom “base” folder.

Once everything is in there, drag “e1m8b.wad” on top of the ZDoom executable. This will launch the game with Romero’s level ready to go – however, it’s the eighth mission on “Knee Deep in the Dead”. If you don’t want to play through the seven beforehand, start a new game anyway and type “idclev18” to warp straight to Tech Gone Bad.

Download via Dropbox

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