[Playstation] Guns Up! – Free

Your mission is to command your loyal soldiers on a series of military raids to take out your dreaded enemies’ bases. Blow up their bases, terrorise their territories and create masterful military tactics to earn victory on the battlefield. Be careful, brave squaddie – your crafty foes can strategically place sniper towers, anti-aircraft guns, mortars and other defences in your way.

March to victory in this side-scrolling strategy meets tower defence free-to-play game.

Train units and send them forth to destroy other commanders’ bases while building up and defending your own.

• Fight for global domination – Declare war against other players online.
• Earn your general’s stripes – Gain experience, unlock perks and level up your troops and weapons.
• Build and defend – Create your military stronghold the way you want and defend it at all costs.
Note: GUNS UP! is a free-to-play game, featuring in-game purchases which unlock upgrades to resupply your armies, customise your characters and improve your bases.

In-game purchases optional

Free for Playstation

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