Steganos Online Shield VPN – 1 Year FREE

Steganos Online Shield VPN will significantly improve your digital life. We, the security experts at Steganos, have developed VPN software that enables you to use the internet as it should be.

We live online, are constantly connected to each other, and have limitless access to information. But nowadays, „online“ doesn’t just mean freedom. It also means surveillance, pressure to consume, regionally blocked content and security risks for your digital life.

1. Go to the software home page: Steganos Online Shield VPN – Steganos – Privacy Software made easy
2. Download Steganos Online Shield VPN (free trial)
3. Install on Your PC
4. Go to the promo link: Steganos Software GmbH
5. Enter your e-mail address
6. Use the serial number you get to activate the software

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