Zoolz Cloud Storage – 100GB FREE!

Zoolz is designed to store data from all your external and internal media to the cloud for a lifetime. Your hard drives may die, but your data will live on with Zoolz.

Here are some of the reasons why other solutions are not considered lifetime storage:

1.   Your external drive files are subjected to deletion if you forget to reconnect your external drive to your computer.

2.   Your data is not encrypted before leaving your machine. Who knows what can happen with data privacy laws in the future?

3.   Your current cloud solution can limit the number of external hard drives that can be backed up. Over the years you can accumulate more and will have to abandon your older ones to protect the newer.

4.   If you want to retire your computer, your older files must be recovered to the newer one or they will be deleted.

5.   If you delete a file, it will be also removed from your online storage after a certain period of time.

6.   No network drive support for home users.

The link below will give you 100GB free online storage for life. They use Amazon’s cold storage which means there is a delay of around 5 hours in retrieving your stored data.

Get 100GB FREE!

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